the man cave…revealed

My husband’s man cave is about 95% complete.  Time to celebrate!

In the model home, this room was designed as a dining room.

But with a huge morning room that fits a 9′ table and 8 over-sized chairs, we agreed that a cool man cave was in order!


The man cave has a lot of sentimental pieces, and Erica Bryen, our designer, helped us fill in where needed.

These Restoration Hardware-inspired weathered leather reading chairs are perfect!  Little tiny wheels on the front legs are a nice touch!


Here’s the famous craigslist wine barrel book case that I re-finished.  This really is a unique piece.  Read all about it!


Oh Annie Sloan, how I love thee!


This antique Zenith radio is something my Dad and I picked up when I was ten.  He restored it to working condition and it can tune in to AM stations 500 miles away!   Dad’s an audiophile.  He was a DJ is Taiwan for Armed Forces Radio in the late 60s and early 70s.  Yes, he was the real deal Good Morning Vietnam!  The fact that he has such passion after 50 years in the industry is a testament to his zeal for tinkering.  I certainly get it from him!

The ladder back chairs are from my mother-in-law, Mimi.  Wicker seats.  Mint condition.  She picked these up for my husband’s bachelor pad before we were married.   So unappreciated in the bachelor pad…much appreciated in the man cave!

I met my husband when I was out day-drinking with my girlfriends in Santa Monica.  I found this vintage-looking poster, spray mounted it to bead board, wiped on minwax walnut, then sanded around the edges and throughout to give it a weathered look.  I thought it was a great way to remember our old stomping grounds.

Look at how pretty this wood and fabric combo are!

There’s actually a metal ring that goes around the black tuning knobs, but we removed it since it’s a big invitation for tiny fingers to grasp and tug.


Those black buttons on each side are pre-tuned radio stations.  KABC, KNX, etc.  I imagine that people sat around this thing listening to War of the Worlds.  Super cool.


Two Aidan Gray knock-off bookshelves flank the window.  They looked much bigger in the catalog pix we saw, but they’re still awesome!

We’ve got old books, golf trophies, marathon medals, and other knick knacks on display.  The Italian cigar case on top of the bookshelf has gorgeous inlays.  I should snap a few pix of it.  The old trombone case tucked in the corner houses Uncle George’s trombone from when he was in the Navy.  I’m sure the kids will play it some day.


Our most prized possession displayed in the book cases is the autographed Shaq shoe, size 22!  Coincidentally, my husband and I both worked for Shaq’s agent….just 8 years apart.  I’m sure if we worked together back then, we’d not be married.  Funny how that goes, huh?

The shoe had been sitting in my father-in-law’s garage for 9 years.  When I unpacked it, I immediately thought “eBay!!”

I lost that battle.  I lose very few battles.  In fact, this may have been the only battle I’ve lost.  But I’m glad b/c it’s the coolest thing for our house guests to ‘discover.’  Note to self:  Photo gallery of friends wearing Shaq’s shoe.

How cool is this knob on the book cases?  Super industrial.  Love.


I made the subway art antique windows for my husband. They’re his favorite surf breaks from around the world.  Read all about it!


These Remington cowboy bronzes are from my father-in-law’s collection.  I just love the detail that went into these pieces!  “Hey Pal!”

men in training

The truth is that our boys spend the most time in the man cave, but then again, they’re men in training.  🙂

Look at those legs!  Doncha just wanna chomp them???



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  1. gloria ( mimi ) says

    Hey, those two chairs that I gave to you guys came from the country side in London when his dad and I were married. We traveled there to buy all of our antiques. They look fabulous there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thanks for correcting me, Mimi! i had no idea the full history. am glad to know now. yes, they look great in the room. can’t wait for you to see them in person!

  3. You have the best looking furniture pieces!