Tutorial :: how I made a picture wall

i’ve been brewing on this idea for some time for the shabby chic guest room.  with guests arriving this week, i figured it was time to wrap up this project.

a few months ago, i took the kids to ikea.  it’s always such an adventure.  big A points at the arrows on the ground while lil G sprints around and jumps on all the furniture.  for some reason, ikea is fine with this.  so i am, too.

i picked up a bunch of white frames in different sizes.  the thought was to do a mix of old family photos with some of the kids as the central images.

  1. after printing the photos and getting them into the frames, i laid out the frames to see how i generally wanted them to be arranged.
  2. i didn’t want a symmetrical look, mainly b/c i knew i wouldn’t be able to get them aligned perfectly on the wall.  know your limitations!
  3. i then flipped the frames glass facing down.  using butcher paper, i traced the shapes of the frames, marking where the hooks were.  then cut.
  4. using blue scotch painter’s tape (love that stuff!), i marked each frame with a number that matched the cut out butcher paper.
  5. i then took the cut outs and arranged them on the wall to mimic the look i laid out in step #1.
  6. then i started hammering the nail hooks
  7. carefully pulled the paper off
  8. installed the photos
  9. turned out better than expected

    lay ’em out

    numbering the frames

    using butcher paper, i traced around each frame. i then cut each out and labeled with the frame #.

    so easy to move them around to achieve the look you want

    marks indicate where to install the photo hooks


    carefully tear the paper away after you’ve nailed in the hooks

    here it is half way done

    used different widths and heights to create visual appeal

    not too shabby

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Meesh has a passion for people, creative projects, and technology. She enjoys painting furniture back to life, gardening, playing with her kids, and connecting people.


  1. looks great, meesh! and i love the picture of the boys holding hands – so sweet!