why’s he fussing?

just when you think you know it all….you have a kid!

Having lil G  has been the most humbling experience of my life.  No instruction manual (although I refer to the books that I have every minute I can), and no one that can really do anything when you’re only nursing for the first few weeks.
There have been a few nights where sheer exhaustion have set in.  I try to let my husband sleep so that he can function at work the next day, but sometimes I have to call for reinforcements.
There are only a few reasons lil G fusses:  diaper, hunger, gas.  In the middle of the night, sometimes I forget to check all 3 and I sit in the glider wondering why he’s fussing.  Then it dawns on me…but how can he need a diaper change?  I just changed it?!  I forget that digestive systems don’t work on a schedule as I’d like/hope.
lil G is so darn cute…yes, I’m biased, but he just is.  He’s starting to fit into the premie diapers…and starting to fill out the premie onesies that we have.  I often think that he’s smiling, but I’m pretty sure that he’s just dreaming or got a tummy rumble or something.
Maybe he has my shaped eyes…and maybe a dimple or two.  That’s about all he got from Mommy.  Otherwise, he looks just like Daddy’s baby picture!
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