swim lessons for 6 month olds

Yesterday was a big day.  I went to the my first official swim lesson.  The water was 93 degrees, the air was 80 degrees, and Mommy was with me the whole time.  I learned to get water poured over my head, and I even dipped my face under water with the instructor.  We had a […]

thank God for Ahma!

My Mom has been such a blessing.  She comes down a few nights a week and helps with lil G.  I’m not sure how I’d survive this transition without her.  She loves on lil G so much and is so attentive…maybe too attentive.  🙂   Thank God for Ahma!

why’s he fussing?

just when you think you know it all….you have a kid! Having lil G  has been the most humbling experience of my life.  No instruction manual (although I refer to the books that I have every minute I can), and no one that can really do anything when you’re only nursing for the first few […]