yummy summer garden party by Heidi Ristau


my friend Heidi Ristau is a woman of many talents.  she’s a high-powered and hard-charging product manager during the day, and caters for high end events on the weekends.

her food is an inspiration as i aspire to create such tasty and wonderful dishes for my get togethers!

Heidi’s use of fresh, local and organic ingredients make for tasty dishes.   California chopped salad

Heidi has traveled extensively and lived in Austria for a summer between her MBA years. you can tell from her delicious creations that her So Cal upbringing is infused with touches of European flavors and ingredients.Orzo with roasted vegetables and feta

i tried to get these shots before the salads were completely devoured by the guests.  these healthy salad options were a great complement to the cheese steak main course that was being served up.Romaine salad with green goddess dressing

7 layer dip?  fine, twist my arm. fresh organic Corona del Mar farmer’s market onions, tomatoes and cilantro can’t be beat!7 layer dip

Heidi’s Burrata caprese with crostini is decadent.  i’m pretty sure when you eat the entire platter, there’s something unhealthy about it.  but life is about indulgence, no?



Burrata caprese with crostini

and i could barely keep our friends away long enough to get a shot of this yumminess! Burrata caprese with crostini

but Heidi doesn’t just stop at the food.  she also is a master at the decorating details.  look at this perfectly coiffed bowl of lemons.  they may look fake, but i assure you they’re real.  i touched them, smelled them.  i couldn’t believe how good they looked!  fresh lemons in silver bowl

and the hostess picked up these amazing industrial hurricane vases at One King’s Lane, so don’t expect to ever find them again!metal and glass hurricane jar with candles One Kings Lane

the mix of artichoke, hydrangea, calla lillies in green hues contrast perfectly with the blue and white vases.  green hydrangeas

and this outdoor fireplace.  the smell of burning wood on a cool, foggy early summer evening can’t be beat.  outdoor fireplace with hyndrangeas and candles

the flowers, the hurricane vases, the candles.  so romantic. gorgeous hydrangea flower arrangement with candles mason jar

sorry, i just couldn’t help myself.  i took a billion pix of this table scape.gorgeous hydrangea flower arrangement with candles mason jar

as the fog rolled in, the grand Pacific ocean was hidden away…so i stuffed my face with more Burrata caprese…b/c why wouldn’t i?



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  1. DenaJean says

    Has Heidi posted her salad recipes? i could
    host my friends with this delicious food.

    • No, sorry. Heidi hasn’t posted her recipes, but they ARE yummy. 🙂