lessons learned from the first month with my newborn


the past month has been a wonderful, exhilarating, and exhausting experience.  i’ve learned a ton and on certain days feel like “hey, i’ve got this down.”  and then, i get smacked up side the head and realize i don’t know anything.  here are some of the first few lessons i’ve learned…
Day 1:  babies are super cute no matter what they look like when they’re first born
Day 2:  post-pregnancy hormones will make mommies cry at any moment
Day 3:  post-pregnancy hormones will make mommies sweat when sleeping – soaking bed!
Day 4:  jaundice makes lil G sleepy
Day 5:  don’t invite too many visitors over in the first few weeks.  you’re not wonder woman.
Day 6:  lil G likes to go for walks
Day 7:  lil G doesn’t really like the “dry-cleaning” bath
Day 8:  you’ll need a friend to join you in the first few car rides b/c baby’s head will flop around in car seat!
Day 9:  don’t be afraid to call/see the lactation consultant for advice!
Day 10:  over-pumping isn’t a good thing.
Day 11:  having friends bring you dinner is wonderful in the first few weeks.  thanks everyone!
Day 12:  babies spit up a lot…don’t be alarmed.
Day 13:  trying to nurse when you’re too “full” will cause gas in the baby
Day 14:  ice packs are your best friend
Day 15:  little tiny babies can handle tummy time
Day 16:  don’t be shy about feeding, even if guests are over.  you’d rather not have a screaming baby.
Day 17:  butt paste is a great diaper rash product!
Day 18:  mommy’s adrenaline starts to wear off right around this day…
Day 19:  babies don’t know if their diaper is on or off.  be careful!
Day 20:  expressing milk prior to feeding can prevent a difficult latch
Day 21:  lil G can sleep just about anywhere…especially on a pillow!
Day 22:  don’t be afraid to cancel visitors if you’re too tired
Day 23:  long walks help lil G sleep better
Day 24:  call friends for help when you’re having a breakdown
Day 25:  hungry babies eat voraciously and will get gas
Day 26:  keeping baby awake for 1-2 hours during the day helps lil G sleep better at night
Day 27:  lil G loves bath time!
Day 28:  lil G is able to take a bottle of expressed milk
Day 29:  lil G likes to sleep in his stroller
Day 30:  daddy is totally capable of doing a late night feeding with the bottle.  daddy and lil G love it!
Day 31:  babies’ skin is very peely the first few months
Day 32:  during late night feedings, if you don’t talk to the baby or make much noise, they’ll eat in their sleep and go right back down quickly.  no fuss, no muss!

Day 33:  umbilical hernias are normal and don’t hurt baby.

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