does your 3 year old ski?

i love to ski.  my husband loves to snowboard. we’ve got two boys and i’ve been chompin’ at the bit to get them on the slopes. last year, when i was pregnant with Big A, it snowed 20′ in mammoth. you read that right. 20 FEET! unfortunately, my two swollen feet and I were laid […]

Lessons learned from a gassy baby

you wouldn’t know it, but i can solve the world’s energy crisis!   When you’re in the midst of the first several weeks of sleepless nights with a new infant, it’s inconceivable that you don’t remember the details just months later.  Despite already having a child and documenting every feeding, diaper change, nap, etc on […]

lessons learned from the first month with my newborn

  the past month has been a wonderful, exhilarating, and exhausting experience.  i’ve learned a ton and on certain days feel like “hey, i’ve got this down.”  and then, i get smacked up side the head and realize i don’t know anything.  here are some of the first few lessons i’ve learned…   Day 1:  […]