kiss the baby

it was a cooler evening. the clouds were rolling in. i looked over and noticed Big A glancing out the window…. …or maybe into the window… then he leaned in…. and smooshed his button nose even closer… and finally laid one on the glass. he kept trying.  i don’t think he realized it was him. […]

first the Swiffer, now this…

Hi, my friends call me Big A.  I’m almost 10 months old.  Right before Christmas, my Mommy felt it was only fair that I start doing some chores. [youtube] First the Swiffer….and now this.

St. Patrick’s Day :: lucky lucky lucky!

My last post was about quatrefoils…the shamrock shape. I knew I wasn’t feeling great, and hadn’t gone in the garage all day to work on any projects, so I was blogging about lil G instead. At 3:30, I got concerned b/c I hadn’t felt the baby move too much. I figured there just isn’t enough […]

Routine makes for a happy baby

Thank the good Lord that lil G is now sleeping 8+ hours at night now.  He loves his bath time and then tucks right into bed after a few songs (some worship, some made up) sung poorly by Mommy and Daddy. We found that routine makes all the difference.  The three Bs :: Bath, bottle, […]

lessons learned from the first month with my newborn

  the past month has been a wonderful, exhilarating, and exhausting experience.  i’ve learned a ton and on certain days feel like “hey, i’ve got this down.”  and then, i get smacked up side the head and realize i don’t know anything.  here are some of the first few lessons i’ve learned…   Day 1:  […]

the fastest delivery in the west

G’s annual Hades tournament had just ended.  7 other anderson friends just vacated our house after 3 days of golf and debauchery. we rent john adams to relax. we fall asleep around 11 contractions start at 2:15 i’m not sure how a contraction is supposed to feel.  i consult baby books. i use the “running laps” […]