a gorgeous, romantic, Napa wedding

we just returned from the most gorgeous and romantic wedding….ever.romantic Napa evening wedding

the setting was idyllic with the changing leaves and warm breezes.

tree-lined road leading into Beaulieu Gardens

i wanted to practice my photo skills, especially in low lighting.Oak tree and fall foliage in Napa

and there’s no better place to do that than in napa at the pristine Beaulieu Garden, which i believe is the private family estate of the BV Winery.Beaulieu Gardens drive slowly sign

the oak trees are majetic.

Beaulieu Gardens tree-lined walkway

and i don’t think it gets any more romantic than this.

gorgeous outdoor Napa wedding table setting under wood arbor and sycamore trees wedding party with flower girl at outdoor Napa romantic wedding

and the bride…..i mean, how stunning is she?  her dress was perfect.  her hair exquisite.  her smile radiant.  look at how happy they are!happy stunning blonde bride and groom at Beaulieu Gardens wedding Napa

look at that dress!  wow!

stunning blonde bride and groom at Beaulieu Gardens wedding Napa

the simple and pretty name card holders were vintage wooden trays filled with lavender.  yum. wedding name seating cards placed in wooden boxed filled with lavendar

this gigantic arbor had incredible moss growing on it.  well, maybe it wasn’t moss, but it looked like it to me!wooden grapevine arbor at Beaulieu Gardens Napa

gorgeous moss growing on wooden arobr Beaulieu Gardens Napa outdoor wedding courtyard

and y’all KNOW how much i love rustic wood and barn decor.  check out this cool wine barrel used as a cocktail table.  love.  wine barrel and trees at Napa outdoor wedding candles and roses on a wine barrel at Napa wedding

the flower girl and ring bearer had full reign of the garden as they only toddlers in attendance.  🙂

toddlers running at outdoor wedding

their older cousins kept a mindful watch.  great kids!children playing at Beaulieu Gardens wedding

at first i thought these were grape vines.  then i realized there’s probably no way a grape vine’s trunk would ever get that thick.  so, i’m guessing these are sycamores that have been trained for many years to grow over this metal trellis.  stunning and breath taking.

Sycamore tree canopy at Beaulieu Gardens Napa

this dry creek bed greets you as you head to the dining and dancing area.bridge crossing dry creek bed at Beaulieu Gardens Napa

and you turn the corner to this.  isn’t it magnificent?

long family style dinner tables at evening wedding setting at Beaulieu Gardens Napa

romantic.  pretty.  classic.  inviting.  warm.

long family style dinner tables at evening wedding setting at Beaulieu Gardens Napa

so yes, i was ‘that asian girl’ who wouldn’t put her camera down.  🙂place setting at beautiful wedding dinner setting at Beaulieu Gardens Napa

i love these petite chandeliers.

family style wedding dinner setting at Beaulieu Gardens Napa

i caught a glimpse of the sun as it was sneaking down beneath these pretty trees.beautiful grass area a Beaulieu Gardens

the late night snacks were my fave.  mini root beer floats and gourmet sliders?  you don’t have to twist my arm twice…except to let go of the entire tray.  goodness gracious.

napa wedding menu cards

and then the sun set.  and this was the vibe all night.  perfect.beautiful evening napa wedding

this one’s a bit blurry, but you get the idea.  so incredibly romantic.crystal chandelier and twinkling lights at napa wedding

the low lighting was tricky and i wish i had a larger aperture lens, but i think this improvisation suffices to capture the spirit of the evening.romantic napa wedding setting outdoor

cigars and matches for the men.

cigars and matches at napa wedding

this pretty sitting area overlooking a gigantic candlelit pool is just past the dining and dancing area.couch sitting area in front of pool in napa wedding

the cake was well-lit, but i wasn’t able to capture it the way i had hoped.  a bit blurry with my manual focus.  all the spotlights were throwing my eye for a loop!four tier wedding cake in napa

the post dinner view.

family style table setting at gorgeous romantic napa wedding matches and cigars at romantic napa wedding

let the dancing begin.


Beaulieu Garden has a strict 10pm ending time.  this was the view moments before the buses arrived to fetch us to the after party.

romantic Napa evening wedding

i’m glad i went to this wedding several years after our wedding, else i’d be re-thinking my ideas of a perfect wedding.

what do you think?


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  1. Shannon Curry says

    Meesh you are so talented! This is just beautiful… thank you so much for sharing!!!

  2. Anthony Ourenzo says

    Meesh: It was a very special & magnificent event. You’ve perfectly captured the beauty and essence of John & Lauren’s wedding day & evening. Bravo!

    • imeeshu says

      Thanks, Anthony. That’s very sweet of you. And yes, it was a magnificent affair to be sure!!

  3. Lorrie Bass Bernard says

    Where’s the pic of you and GP dressed up for the occasion? I bet yall were gorgeous! And yes, I agree with you — thankful to already be married because there’s no way I could match this beauty. Wow.

    • imeeshu says

      The photographer rarely gets photographed…especially when the photographer forgets to change the settings from manual mode to automatic for the non-photog friend offering to snap a pic. 🙂

  4. Stephanie Schlaff says

    What a beautiful wedding. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. When I can fit back into my wedding dress, I think I might show up with some Annie Sloan paint on your doorstep. Hope all is well.

    • imeeshu says

      Steph, do you plan on painting your dress? 🙂 All is great and it’s so good to hear from you. Stay tuned for a reunion dinner soon…..

      • Stephanie Schlaff says

        No. I never thought of painting my dress. You see… I just recently learned how to curl my eyelashes and wear a tiny bit of makeup…=P

        Reunion dinner would be great!

  5. Christine Ghuzzi says

    A beautiful wedding. You captured all the wonderful touches and finishes, especially my beautiful niece and her new husband!