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As a DIY enthusiast and blogger, I’m warning you that this post isn’t about chalk paint or how to decorate.


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I’ve had the unfortunate experience of buying a washer, dryer and refrigerator through them for a friend’s home in San Diego.

They’re super when you’re ready to buy.  They’re super shady and unprofessional when it comes to getting any type of customer support once things have been delivered.

My friend’s home required a compact washer and dryer and every major website I checked showed that the product was back-ordered…except  So I ordered online and even spoke with them on the phone to check inventory.  Oh yes, they had inventory.

Two weeks later, when I called to check on delivery status, they said the product had been discontinued.  How convenient.

They recommended a Bosch front loader compact set.  I’m not a huge fan of front loaders, but in this case, we had no choice b/c of the tight space.

At the same time that I ordered the new W/D, I also ordered a refrigerator.

Same deal.  Two weeks later, they called saying the fridge was out of stock.  Really?  You don’t write, you don’t call….

So I ordered a new one over the phone, paid for the $25 2nd floor delivery, $75 white glove service, and confirmed the fridge can accommodate a left hinge door.  “Yes, Ma’am, the doors are reversible and of course, the white glove service includes the left hinge door installation!”

Two weeks later (yes, it’s been a tough go without a fridge!!!), the delivery guy gets all huffy b/c the kitchen’s entry is a bit too tight to for the fridge to fit.

But does he offer to remove the doors?  Does he consider taking the cardboard off the fridge?  NO.

Instead, he threatens to leave the fridge in the family room …. b/c last time I checked, that’s where a fridge belongs.  My friend is now panicked and calls me.

So I calm the delivery guy down and nicely suggest “Hey, couldn’t you just remove the doors to make it all fit?”

“Yeah, that’ll be $35.”

“Fine, I’ll pay it.”

I think the crisis is resolved until my friend calls 10 minutes later saying that the guy wanted another $35 to put the door back on left hinge.  AND he left all the cardboard on the fridge and didn’t install the ice maker…wanted more money for that, too.  So she refused the service.

Several “service tickets” and calls later, the issue is still unresolved and they’ve produced a document that has notes written at the bottom of the delivery paperwork that all the work was complete.

Funny thing is that my friend’s copy has none of that mumbo jumbo written on there…clearly it was written in after all of this was brought to their attention.  Oh, and btw, she’s the type of business person that would NEVER sign any document without initialing each line addenda item at the bottom of a document.  Yes, one of those!

So, moral of the story.  Stick with the big brands.  Best Buy, Sears, Costco.  You know something is shady when you can’t find a single executive on LinkedIn for a company.

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  1. That’s really sad! Will post!

    • imeeshu says

      thanks, Jon! i’ve also reported to BBB. disgraceful and disappointing.

  2. John R says

    Appliancesconnection sells knowingly damaged appliances! It is definitely a scam operation. Check to make sure the appliances you received aren’t damaged/used. I ordered $2500 worth of appliances and all 4 were damaged. Then they tried to pull a warranty fraud. Impossible to return. Stay away!!!

  3. I wish I had seen your non-recommendation before I received my broken dryer. I have been arguing with this company since March contacting the BBB, the Attorney General, Today the company who knows my next step is a small claim (not easy as I live in Burlington and the Company is in NYC!)..The first response was I should have seen the damage (totally on the inside-still doesn’t show). Maytag says the unit must have been dropped. I digress. First was told it was my fault. After much action AC offered to sell me another unit for 25% off as long as I paid $150 to ship the unit back. After 9 months of fighting the Attorney General says that if I say that as a “consignee” I have shared responsibility for concealed damage I can buy another unit from the company for $364.50 and they will pick up the broken one. Sounds like a deal if I hadn’t paid over $1000 for the unit plus a warranty, a warranty that can’t be used for the new unit. As I will not accept shared responsibility this offer may go away. This seems criminal to me. There are more details to this and as to the abusive and dishonest customer service and the blame game about this being the truckers fault. I bought the unit from the company not a shipping company.

    • I’m so sorry about your experience. Such a bummer! I know that places like Sears and Pirch (SWOON, but much more spendy!) are more expensive, but they’re worth it. Amazing customer service and product offerings.


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