DON’T shop at

As a DIY enthusiast and blogger, I’m warning you that this post isn’t about chalk paint or how to decorate. It’s about NOT EVER SHOPPING at I’ve had the unfortunate experience of buying a washer, dryer and refrigerator through them for a friend’s home in San Diego. They’re super when you’re ready to buy.  They’re […]

sand room mishaps :: my attempt at wood working with a steak knife

sometimes i get hair-brained ideas in the middle of the night that keep me awake.  my husband and i call this swirling. several months ago, i got this idea that i’d build a sand room.  it’s like a mud room, but is really more for sand, since our family tracks more beach sand than mud. […]

curb alert :: free plunger

i’m giving away a free plunger. it’s the worst one i’ve ever had. it doesn’t work. i paid too much for it. but it’s yours if you want it. you’ve got to be kidding me…too late.  someone’s already taken it. good riddance!