dyeing fabric with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

our shabby chic room is such a happy room.  the colors are pretty, cheerful, and frankly, this is the only feminine room in the entire house.

shabby chic room with dyed chalk paint pillows

with 3 boys in the house, i specifically designed most things to be durable enough to withstand Hot Wheels, baseballs, and general dude stuff.eyelet fabric dyed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

but this room is all girly.  not that i am girly…at all.  but i still love this room.  so i set out to dye the white eyelet fabric i purchased for our second child’s bedding.  i didn’t end up using the fabric, but saved it for the day a special project swirled into my head.

eyelet fabric dyed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

i played around with some different ratios of  ASCP Louis Blue paint to water and started testing some fabric pieces.  i netted out somewhere around 4:1 or 3:1 water to paint.

i just put the paint mixture into a plastic bin and threw the fabric in it for about 30 minutes.  after ringing out the excess, i let the fabric dry.  then washed and dried it with 2 Bounce sheets.  i love silky soft fabrics that smell delicious.  Bounce in a non-negotiable in my laundry room.

chalk paint dyed fabric in baby blue

after the washer and dryer, the color mellowed even further and was the perfect soft blue for the shabby chic room.

shabby chic room pillows

so i sewed up a few pillow cases.  isn’t the eyelet fabric so pretty?  i’ve since tightened up the cases so that they’re not so loose on the bigger pillows.  no one needs excess, flabby skin…not even a pillow.  i call this method the pillow tummy tuck.

dyed chalk paint eyelet fabric for shabby chic room

i’ve also seen simple drop clothes dyed in a variety of ASCP colors at my stockist’s store :: Peinture.  s-w-o-o-n.

Annie Sloan dyed drop cloths at Peinture in Costa Mesa.

Annie Sloan dyed drop cloths at Peinture in Costa Mesa.

now go dye some fabric!  you know you’ve got some scraps sitting around. do it!

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  1. 4 parts paint to one part water? Is that right? Not the other way around?

    • Patti, you are totally right! Thanks for the catch. I’ll correct the post asap!

  2. Jill says

    How well do they was up afterward? Any fading or splotchyness?