dyeing fabric with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

our shabby chic room is such a happy room.  the colors are pretty, cheerful, and frankly, this is the only feminine room in the entire house. with 3 boys in the house, i specifically designed most things to be durable enough to withstand Hot Wheels, baseballs, and general dude stuff. but this room is all […]

Darth Vadar, Spidey, and Lightning…oh my! How to make a reversible duvet.

i’ve been making duvets forever.  ever since the hand sewing days.  ouch! they’re super easy to make, and they can change the look of your room so easily. and there’s just something about snuggling down in a super soft, luxurious, personalized duvet under a soft snuggly down comforter. i prefer cotton. you can wash it […]

quick and easy-to-sew headbands

i have two boys.  but a friend once brought me a headband from a mall kiosk.  she was excited that she only paid $25 for this headband.  after all, we do live in the OC. i was mortified.  i could make it for $.25 so here you have it.  the details of how to make […]