en route to philly :: photo essay

i’ve always loved taking trains.  they’re convenient, fast, relaxing.

for a recent train ride, rather than diving into my cell phone or reading, i purposefully grabbed my camera and snapped away, enjoying the sights the ride from NYC to Philly offer.

it was a warm but very rainy day.  i just love how the Stamford Amtrak station looked that day.  peaceful and lonely.

stamford amtrak station on rainy day

the tracks were slick…wet railroad tracks

and peaceful.

wet railroad tracks

i love industrial vibes.  the entire ride offered glimpses into how our current industrial design craze came to being.industrial metal bridge

containers lined the tracks.  it’s almost like the waterfront is an afterthought in this part of the country.  in california, this piece of water would be lined with homes.IMG_5663

as we headed south, the skies started to open up…and the clouds were inspiring!IMG_5664

new jersey always offers the most pleasant sights….and smells!trash dump along amtrack

these abandoned facilities are cool.  i wonder what was once made here?abandoned manufacturing facility abandoned industrial facility

the graffiti is everywhere.


the murals seemingly pop up out of nowhere.wall mosaic alongside graffiti

i’ll be this old factory has some amazing windows and iron pulleys!!!  🙂old industrial building graffiti along train tracks

these row houses are so reminiscent of philly to me.colorful row houses in Philly

and this is the view i always remember as i walked out of 30th st. station.  the dark train station lets out into a bright, open city.  welcome home!stepping outside 30th St. station in Philly

always thought it would be fun to stick your head out of a taxi window snapping pix of the city…until a bus nearly decapitates you.  philadelphia high rises

center city.  i love this building!center city philly

the details are ultra cool.  i wish i knew the history behind all of the architecture here!center city philly center city philly

vintage building in philly

this was shot from the interior bridged walkway from the Marriott to the Convention Ctr.  the brick building on the left was once the old train depot’s offices.  it’s now all been converted to high ceiling Marriott hotel rooms. center city philadelphia

have a great weekend!

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  1. Great article Glynn! Congratulations on the noinaitmon and please keep sharing with us here… Looking forward to reading future stories in the Locust Fork News-Journal as it’s hard to find any good independent news these days elsewhere. I doubt that this event got more than a brief mention … If any… In other news outlets. 7 months ago