Farm to Feast :: organic fellowship

my discipleship group wound down today…as we prep for a summer filled with camps, swimming, camping, and beach, this incredibly awesome group of 6 women (with 21 kids amongst us!!!), are taking a little hiatus.

newport beach farm house

so we all met at a friend’s in Newport Beach.  Kim is a talented and uber creative-in-the-kitchen woman who hosts a monthly cooking/eating event called Farm to Feast.

rustic table setting with apricot

fresh grape tomatoes

when you walk up to the home, you notice that these are large lots… lots…with people riding horses on the trails in front of the homes….and as you walk closer, you see chickens scratching in the dirt….


and you ask yourself “am i really in Newport?!”

apricot and fresh flowers

yes, you’re in Newport, and yes, these are the real housewives, my friend.  except we’re not all housewives.  most of us pretend to be, but the truth is that we’re working, busy, trying-to-find-balance moms….of 21 kids.

rustic table setting for cooking class

as you enter Kim’s rustic and charming home, you immediately see her pretty and inviting kitchen.

fresh blueberries

as you belly up to the gorgeous dark gray quartz kitchen counter, you’re taking in the aromas, colors, and delectable foods you’re about to enjoy.

rustic tea cup with pretty tiny white flowers

she’s a gracious hostess, is calm as all get out, and walks you through each dish as she casually prepares it.  i’d be a hot mess and would have had a few things prepped.

bread loaves in an old wooden crate

she starts by explaining that the fresh water she’s pouring has fresh pansies and basil from her garden, and that the water is also infused with orange blossom water.  YUM!!!

orange blossom water-infused water

orange blossom water

then she pours you some hot tea.  i wouldn’t say that i’m a tea lover per se, but after today, i’m sold on this most delicious hibiscus caffeine-free tea.  look at how cute the tin is!

hibiscus tea with key lime by The Republic Tea

Kim even has a cupboard full of what’s sure to be the most incredible teas you’ve ever tasted.

cabinet full of great teas

raw sugar jar

and right next to that cupboard is another that has as many different types of cooking oils as one would ever need.  reminds me of macguyver in a way….she has just the right ingredient to make the food taste perfect and look pretty.

avocado oil, toasted bread, avocados, and peaches

avocado oil, toasted bread, avocados, and peaches

exotic salts, sugars…and what i’ll lovingly call potions.  b/c let’s be honest, you’ve got to be a serious foodie to have a little vial of orange blossom water!  🙂

bread, cinnamon toscano cheese, strawberries, apples and grape tomatoes

bread, Trader Joe’s cinnamon toscano cheese, strawberries, apples and grape tomatoes

she then casually pulls out her cuisinart…that’s right, she hasn’t even pulled out her cuisinart ahead of time!!

prepping a food board

brie, bread, honey, macadamia nuts, and lavendar

brie, bread, honey, macadamia nuts, and lavendar

she’s that intentional about wanting to teach her friends how easy it is to prepare a healthy meal without panicking or freaking out in the kitchen.

sauteed zucchini in garlic-infused olive oil

sauteed zucchini in garlic-infused olive oil

and then she’s on her way and before you realize it, you’ve eaten a 59 course meal…but you don’t feel gross like you would after you eat a cheesesteak wiz with (for all my philly friends).
chopped shallots  chopping flat and curley parsley

Kim’s dishes are organic, fresh, light, simple, and pretty.

smashing garlic


she emphasizes simple for every dish.  no need to be heavy or go overboard.  keep it simple.

smashing garlic

vicolo cornmeal pizza dough

vicolo cornmeal pizza dough

grating parmesan cheese onto gourmet pizza

pizza with melted mozzarella and parmesan

pizza with melted mozzarella and parmesan

zucchini-topped pizza

zucchini-topped pizza

organic salad and pansy flower pizza

organic salad and pansy flower pizza

zucchini and salad pizzas

zucchini and salad pizzas

once the brunch is over, you part ways and she reminds you to check your email for all the recipes!

cutting gourmet pizzas

really?  who does that?

hand squeezed lemon juice salad dressing

Kim does that.  you can tell that she’s a woman of integrity, sincerity, and a deep love of food.

wood bowl and organic salad

delicious salad with pansy flowers

delicious salad with pansy flowers

what a memorable and meaningful way to wind down our bible study.  we learned that eating with friends releases endorphins and oxytocin, which makes you feel good.

perfect pea soup

perfect pea soup

pea soup with pansy flower

pea soup with pansy flower. wow!

and i felt great as i walked out today.

sugar coated apricots

zesting lemons into ricotta cheese

zesting lemons into ricotta cheese

caramleized apricots with ricotta

caramleized apricots with ricotta

caramelized apricots with ricotta and pistachio

caramleized peaches with ricotta and pistachio

in fact, i felt so good that i went out back to say hi to the chickens and horses…and let my mind wander about how cool it would be to have a secret stash of potions to drizzle into waters and onto scrumptious looking foods.

breaking dark chocolate

the friendships and love that i’ve developed with my girls are powerful.  i didn’t know a few of these women before we started, but God intended for us to be together during this season.  through our connected walk, they taught me to slow down, catch my balance, and stay focused on what’s important.


i cherish our times of laughter, tears and vulnerabilities.

farm to feast country kitchen

the aftermath is amazingly tidy. my kitchen would look like a war zone!

glass bottle door stopper

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  1. angelaengland says

    This is gorgeous and so fabulous. What a very cool experience! Thank you for sharing and for your awesome photographs.

    • imeeshu says

      Thanks, Ang! Glad you stopped by. I’m loving all the canning you’re doing! My peach jam turned out too runny this year. Still delish, though!