Gigantor suitcases and Prep H for BlissDom ’13!

yeehaw.  BlissDom ’13 is just around the corner!

so stoked, as we say in So Cal.  BlissDom is a conference that is really about networking, meeting, and learning.  everyone i met was open to share, teach, and nurture me.  what a great event!

last year was my first year, which i attended with my great pal Jessica Cedarland.  fortunately for her, and unfortunately for me, she’s having her 3rd baby any day now, and won’t be making it to BlissDom this year.  booooo…..

Jessica Cedarland Photography

my mentor and big sis Barbara Jones asked me to bring a photographer friend to shoot the official BlissDom attendee head shots, and Jessica fit the bill!

Jessica Cedarland Photography at BlissDom '12

Paula Bruno and Barbara Jones of Blissful Media Group

There’s Barb. The hot blonde in the middle. And to her left is her super cool brother Bill. And to her other left is Paula Bruno.  Paula is obviously thinking too hard as her head is spinning!  🙂

we met tons of great women, learned so much from the various intimate classroom-like sessions, line-danced our booties off, swooned over Rascall Flatts and Joe Jonas, and sort of slept.

Rascall Flatts at BlissDom '12 ::

Joe Jonas at BlissDom '12 ::

by the last day, we were so giddy from sleep deprivation that Jess knocked me over in the elevator with her gigantor suitcase.

we couldn’t stop laughing….so much so that we both fell to the ground cracking up…in the elevator.

when the door opened, i crawled out, dragging my very tiny suitcase out with me.

who brings a gigantor suitcase to a 2 night event?

the smart girl brings the HUGE suitcase…because you get so much great, free SWAG at BlissDom that you need the extra space to carry it all home.


BlissDom free swag

This is just the goodie bag. Doesn’t even come close to showing all the other stuff you get from sponsors!

so pack lightly, but in a HUGE suitcase.

fly Southwest if you can…because luggage flies free.

what to bring to BlissDom:

  • laptop
  • camera + memory cards
  • chargers
  • power strip w/your name on it
  • business cards or your digital card ready to ‘Bump’ via iPhone
  • comfy shoes — you’ll be on your feet, schlepping around a ton of swag, so be sensible!
  • comfy outfits for the daytime sessions
  • a couple of cute, yet comfy outfits for the 1st and 2nd nights
  • lotion and lip gloss — hotels are always super dry
  • prep H wipes for your eye bags
  • gum/mints
  • some money for breakfast and snacks — most meals and snacks are catered, but you’ll want to grab a quick bite and/or coffee every so often
  • open mind, smile and confidence — get out of your comfort zone to meet new folks
  • gigantic suitcase

here are some other pix from BlissDom ’12 in Nashville.  lookin’ forward to Dallas this year!  giddyup!IMG_4093 IMG_4188 IMG_2651  IMG_4110 IMG_4105

lillies at Gaylord Nashville

late night blogging at BlissDom

don’t expect to sleep at BlissDom. if you swirl late night like I do, you’ll be needing those Prep H pads for your eye bags each morning.


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  1. @barbarajones says

    Can’t wait to have you back at BlissDom this year! I’m in Dallas right now at the Gaylord Texan and getting giddy for BD13!!

    • imeeshu says

      wish i could have been there with you. i’m going to start crimping my hair in preparation….

  2. Thanks for putting this post together! We Blissdom newbies appreciate any advice you can give us. Hope to meet you at Blissdom!