Gigantor suitcases and Prep H for BlissDom ’13!

yeehaw.  BlissDom ’13 is just around the corner! so stoked, as we say in So Cal.  BlissDom is a conference that is really about networking, meeting, and learning.  everyone i met was open to share, teach, and nurture me.  what a great event! last year was my first year, which i attended with my great […]

BlissDom ’12 :: girls’ night out

it’s a little late…i should be sleeping, but we had such a great time tonight.  here are a few pix…    

i’m sooo excited for Blissdom 2012!

i’m pretty new to this blogging world.  i’ve been dabbling for the past year or so. this is my good friend and mentor, Barbara Jones. she started and has been running a very interesting social media company for the past several years.  we’ve worked together on several projects.  she knows my passion for nerdy tech […]