gorgeous mexican riviera destination wedding

i’m so glad my husband and i got married pre-pinterest.


folks, the stakes are HIGH now. you can’t just have a ho-hum wedding these days.


pin big, or stay single. those are the options these days.


my hubby’s twin got married to his amazing new bride.


she chose the Rosewood Mayakoba Resort, which undoubtedly is the nicest place we’ve ever stayed.


when you think you’ve experienced luxury all across the world, you never in a million years expect to find it in Mexico. Bora Bora doesn’t stand a chance to this Mexican dream!


i grew up going to Mexico for surfing, camping and church mission trips. each time proved to be more delightful than the next…with montezuma’s revenge hitting harder each visit.  lovely.


so, admittedly, expectations were pretty low for this destination wedding. mason-jar-cocktail

but the ambiance, service, gorgeous accommodations, breathtaking views, and incredible food didn’t disappoint.


upon checking into the Rosewood Mayakoba, you’re greeted with the most delicious green drink.

and just for the record, i’m NOT a green drink kind of gal.  of course, my first thought was “well, here we go. Montezuma’s revenge again…” but i was wrong. oh. so. wrong.





the rehearsal dinner was held pool side with the most amazing BBQ.rehearsal-dinner-poolside


this resort has its own organic garden that supplies most of the fresh veggies guests eat. right. get a load of those raised beds!  dreamy.



talk about farm to table.gourmet-rehearsal-dinner-bbq-buffet


and these table settings. i mean, check out these gorgeous flowers set in mercury glass vases…roses-mercury-glass


and the fresh baked breads…really. gluten free what?!  fresh-bread

and if i admitted how many pictures of these s’more cookies i took, you’d really know i’m Asian. every angle, every morsel, every every….smore-sandwiches

even these guys were wondering what my fascination with the s’mores was…rosewood-mayakoba-chefs-poolside


then i sneaked into the palapa where the team was setting up for the wedding ceremony. most of these are taken with my phone, so bear with me. white-lanterns

i LOVE these colors. purple, pink, white, green. AMAZING wedding bouquets, wouldn’t you say? wedding-flowers

and the shabby chic touch with the chippy painted tables, tiny mason jars with baby’s breath, colorful name tags with different shapes. swoon….


dreamy. white table, gray table runner, and bright colorful flowers. yum.


the only thing i took more pictures of than the s’mores would be the distressed, white, wood floors. i mean, what does a girl have to do to get these in her house? our floors are dark dark dark…which i just can’t stand….but even i can’t bring myself to paint them myself. and if you know me, you know that i’ve painted just about everything in our house, so that’s saying a LOT!


here’s my hubby running late to the ceremony. but doesn’t he look dashing?


the funny thing about this cake…it’s FAKE! i was being all careful around it. then i was so tempted to taste the frosting.  i KNOW! shhhhhhhh…..i did.  i’m not gonna lie.  i dragged my finger along the frosting in the back for a taste. and the wedding planner was busting up at me. i was totally punk’d trying to punk the cake.wedding-cake-modern

then the party started. and see that dance floor back there? we got some serious booty shakin’ on back there.cigar-station-wedding

so much so that in order to get the bride to turn in for the night, the wedding coordinator asked the DJ to stop playing music so that we could pretend the party was over.

wedding-dance-floor-rusticthe newlyweds left the party…and 5 minutes later….gorgeous-just-married-couple

we started up again and shook it for another 2 hours.


cuz when you’re in Mexico, and you aren’t suffering with the runs, you’re doin’ the running man lionel richie style.




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