gorgeous mexican riviera destination wedding

i’m so glad my husband and i got married pre-pinterest. folks, the stakes are HIGH now. you can’t just have a ho-hum wedding these days. pin big, or stay single. those are the options these days. my hubby’s twin got married to his amazing new bride. she chose the Rosewood Mayakoba Resort, which undoubtedly is the […]

a guide to Paris with young kids

hello friends!  sorry that i’ve gone missing for a few weeks.  after returning from colorado, i was prepping to take both kids, sans hubby, to beautiful (and chilly) Paris. that’s right…you read correctly….a 2 year old, a 4.5 year old, 3 iphones, an ipad, lots of snacks, a few diapers, some benadryl and i went […]

Namotu Island Fiji :: private surf resort

my husband and i got married several years ago and we opted to hold off on our Fijian honeymoon for a variety of reasons. first, we were older than the average newlywed and had learned from other friends that delaying the honeymoon would make it more enjoyable, particularly after planning a wedding in under 2 […]

momma loves the dude ranch

our friends Deanna and Rob got hitched.  she’s a cowgirl.  he’s an aspiring cowboy.  together, they make an awesome couple. while i’m no pioneer woman, this was my frontier for the weekend.  and boy did my husband and i love it! their wedding weekend was celebrated at the most magnificent Vista Verde Ranch, an all-inclusive, […]