Mamma needs to luxuriate

how luxurious does this look?

Vista Verde ranch - Steamboat Colorado. photo by Jessica Eck

of course, the two seasons i was pregnant, there was EPIC snowfall.  now that i’m ready to hit the slopes again…not so much.

Vista Verde Ranch - Steamboat Colorado. photo by Jessica Ekl

But Vista Verde still looks INCREDIBLE!!!  An all-inclusive luxury dude ranch just north of Steamboat, Colorado.


And my buddy Deanna is getting married there in March.

Vista Verde Ranch horses. photo by Vista Verde.

Which means we get to experience this LUXURY!!!  Back country skiing?  Check.  Spa treatments?  Check.  AMAZING organic foods?  Check.  All the outdoor activities you want to participate in?  Check.  Romance with the hubby?  Check.  Some time spent in God’s country.  Check check and check!

did someone say hot toddy? photo by Vista Verde

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  1. Wanda Willis says

    That just about sums it up.