Gorgeous, rustic wedding florals

the direction was:  rustic, but not too rustic.  princess. blue hydrangea. i’d say the florist nailed the look.                

momma loves the dude ranch

our friends Deanna and Rob got hitched.  she’s a cowgirl.  he’s an aspiring cowboy.  together, they make an awesome couple. while i’m no pioneer woman, this was my frontier for the weekend.  and boy did my husband and i love it! their wedding weekend was celebrated at the most magnificent Vista Verde Ranch, an all-inclusive, […]

Mamma needs to luxuriate

how luxurious does this look? of course, the two seasons i was pregnant, there was EPIC snowfall.  now that i’m ready to hit the slopes again…not so much. But Vista Verde still looks INCREDIBLE!!!  An all-inclusive luxury dude ranch just north of Steamboat, Colorado. Delicious! And my buddy Deanna is getting married there in March. […]