mug shots or headshots?

do you ever look at words too closely or for too long, then they start to look incorrect?

look at the word ‘headshots.’  strange, huh?  anyway, i digressed before i even started…

my good friend Jessica Cedarland and I are at Blissdom, a conference for 800 blogging women.  like i mentioned in a previous post, i’m way out of my comfort zone here.

the good news is that we’re at the gorgeous Opryland Hotel in Nashville, which lends itself to incredibly fun photos.

Jessica is a professional photographer and will be taking headshots at the One2One booth this weekend.  We’ve been cruising around the hotel taking some fun photos.

a meesh barrel sandwich. photo by Jessica Cedarland.

monkey see, monkey do. photo by Jessica Cedarland.

photo by Jessica Cedarland.

why the headshots, you ask?

well, when you’re a busy mom with a blog, you’re usually behind the camera.  while i’ve seen a handful of friends master the self portrait with their iPhone or camera, not many people can really do it right.  so your facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Pinterest avatar is usually one with your husband or kids.

or worse….one with you where you cropped someone else out.

who's ear is that?


or better yet…one of you on a random mushroom.

meeshroom on a mushroom

so, we’re taking your headshots.  we can’t guarantee perfect, after all, we’ve got 800 people to shoot in 16 hours.

but we can guarantee FREE.

but guess what?  it’ll be better than this…

so stop by and get your head shot headshot.

lookin’ forward to meetin’ y’all…nashville style…

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Meesh has a passion for people, creative projects, and technology. She enjoys painting furniture back to life, gardening, playing with her kids, and connecting people.


  1. Fun! I never get to see pictures of you bc you’re right, you are always the one behind the camera. Nothing competes with that awesome picture of your mom, though, so if that’s your goal, you should just quit now 🙂

    • there’s no chance that i can compete with my mom’s picture. too classic.