powder room reveal :: sophisticated beach vibe

sophisticated beach seaside powder room

it only took us a year to figure out what to do with this powder room!

i’m in love love love with our new powder room.

our awesome designer, Erica Bryen, helped us find this perfect sea fan wallpaper.

it’s blue-ish green, has some shimmer shimmer and sea fans.

it’s official.  i’m old.  i’ve chosen wallpaper with shimmer?

BUT, it’s perfect for our beachy, laid back vibe, yet sophisticated enough to wow guests into thinking the rest of the house is somewhat fancy.

sophisticated beach seaside powder room

it only took us a year to figure out what to do with this powder room!

my husband and i both grew up going to the beach…just not the same beach.  he was a surfer.  i crushed on surfers.  i ditched school to watch surfers surf at county line.

he loves that i love the beach as much as he does…and that i worship him and the waves he chases.  we’re a match made in heaven.

so beach vibe is a must for us.

and luckily, Erica knows a lot about surfers.  she’s probably crushed on them her whole life, too.  she always knows what my hubby will like…except for that hero to zero table.  she didn’t like that…not at all.  not even close.

but we recovered quickly from that episode.

while cruising my favorite consignment shop, i saw these two gorgeous frames. they were holding cheesy square white asian-looking plates. i ripped those out and placed these pretty sea fans in them.

sophisticated beach seaside powder room

wooo! our new powder room. gorgeous sea fan wallpaper, DIY framed sea fans, and a rustic wood bin to hold the toilet paper.

scalloped dish with sea shells

i found this scalloped dish at a garage sale and spray painted it white. i loved the shape and thought it was perfect for holding a bunch of seashells.

sophisticated beach seaside powder room

this is probably how the bathroom looks like from my toddler’s point of view.  i’m sure there’s a way to hide that ugly water line.  any suggestions?

diy framed sea fan

close up of blue green sea fan wallpaper

pitter patter goes my heart. i LOVE this wallpaper. it’s soft, feminine, and beachy, yet sophisticated. i typically am not a shimmery kind of gal, but this won me over the instant i saw it!

I love the wallpaper so much that I’m using it to make a stencil for curtains in the kids’ loft.

here’s my inspiration and another for how i plan to install them.

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