simple, white, beachy mantle

i still get a lot of questions about the sea fan windows i made a few years ago. i found some vintage wood windows on craigslist from a guy who had replaced all his windows. i hot glued some super large sea fans that i purchased online to recreate the ones i’d been seeing in […]

powder room reveal :: sophisticated beach vibe

i’m in love love love with our new powder room. our awesome designer, Erica Bryen, helped us find this perfect sea fan wallpaper. it’s blue-ish green, has some shimmer shimmer and sea fans. it’s official.  i’m old.  i’ve chosen wallpaper with shimmer? BUT, it’s perfect for our beachy, laid back vibe, yet sophisticated enough to […]

beachy spring mantle

the spring mantle is on display! i just love these old wood windows i picked up for $5 each on craigslist.  i bought the seafans online for about $18 each.  some hot glue.  voila! i’m loving the white on white.  so clean, simple and soothing, imho. Happy Easter everyone! linked to:

Beachy, simple, fall mantle :: sea fans, vintage windows, baby pumpkins

before moving to this house, i was on a craigslist spree.  lookie here…i picked up these 1950’s windows for $5 each.  i ordered some sea fans, and using a few dabs of hot glue along the center wood strip, i achieved this look. pretty nifty. i kept the look simple and clean. i love the […]