scenes from BlissDom :: day 1

holy energy!  i arrived at BlissDom…without my side kick Jessica.  she’s trying to use the “i have an 8 week old baby” excuse.  ok, fine.  🙂

BlissDomwalking solo into a conference of 700 women is a bit intimidating….most who know me wouldn’t guess that i’m an introvert, but the truth is, there’s a reason i hide behind the camera.

i’m an observer and need to assess and strategize….make a p.o.a….plan of attack….

and i realized that my plan didn’t include bringing the right charger for my phone!  doh!


luckily, the Bliss Chicks hooked me up with the most incredible charger that has connectors for any type of device!

my plan also included wearing some cowboy boots. you know, the kind you buy at Nordstrom?  right, cuz those are legit and everyone would believe that a beach girl from the O.C. who’s allergic to horses would have a clue about real cowboy boots.  and while i love Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman i am not!

but seriously, how cool are these boots!?  clearly the woman wearing these is from Texas and knows her boots!

true cowgirl boots

i’m guessing this glass atrium is a signature architectural element for the Gaylord hotels.  both Texan and Nashville hotels have this cool infrastructure.  i’m sure the greenhouse effect in the summer is an interesting one.

Gaylord Texan Atrium

my group leader on our photo walk has a lens that could easily be used at an NFL game.  #legit

now that's a lens!

now that’s a lens!

how precious is this shoe shine dude?  notice his bluetooth ear piece?  he promised not to laugh when i bring my O.C. boots for a polish tomorrow.

shoe shine man

this gal’s wondering why everyone’s taking her picture…

colorful mannequin at Gaylord Texan

my boys would love the trains.  oh how i miss my boys…small gauge train at Gaylord Texan

yup….you know you’re at a blogging conference when everyone’s shooting pix of seemingly banal stuff.

bloggers taking photos

but i promise there’s beauty everywhere you look…my lens isn’t quite right for these macros, but i’m trying!

macro of pink flowers

Gaylord Texan waterfall

nope, not Kauai

Texas flag

i stumbled on the most amazing lotions and soaps by Skull Soap in the Handmade Marketplace.  this was by far my favorite scent…Dark Angel.  yum.  hopefully this will change my alligator hands to luxuriously soft and unwrinkled. dark angel body butter

and this display by Love Feast was stunning….BlissDom truly knows how to showcase and channel people’s creativity!

a beautiful display by Love Feast. cool clip-on earrings procured from an estate sale. @lovefeast

decorative stuffed cherries in velvet by

these stuffed cherries by Love Feast were eye-catching. i just loved this display!

even the carpet pattern includes cowboy themes!  where am i?

bull and cowboy carpet

howdy partner…

finally, the night ended with stars from the newly revived All My Children.  my Nana lived with us for 5 years.  she watched Days of Our Lives and would yell at the tv.  i found it odd, but hey, i now do the same with the Jersey Shore, so who’m i to judge?

in the all new AMC, the cast is somehow all brought back to life.  that’s right…soaps always find a way.  there were some potty mouth parts, but if you’re ok with that (again, i do watch the Jersey Shore!), then you can check this out on Hulu and iTunes.

the return of All My Children

stars from the revived All My Children

Robert Scott from All My Children

i coincidentally saw Robert Scott on set at the Price is Right a few months ago. he was the only male model they’ve had. good lookin’ kid.


so we’ll see what tomorrow has in store….lots of great speakers and sessions lined up, but will i be able to break out of my comfort zone and shake some hands?

whatever happens, i do miss my rugrats!

preschooler taking pictures

toddler at the beach

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  1. kristi | ishouldbemopping says

    WAY fun!! I’m enjoying this experience so much. And what a way to start the day…meeting YOU in the elevator first thing this morning. So glad to know you, Meesh. Your photos look amazing. My favorite is of all the other bloggers taking pics…HILARIOUS! Hope to run into you again!

    • imeeshu says

      Thanks, Kristi. Sorry we didn’t have a chance to connect again but what a treat to meet you!!!

  2. melissa @jonahbonah says

    i enjoyed meeting you. you are a sweet soul, meesh.

    • imeeshu says

      Aw shucks, thanks. What a fun time we had dancing, right??!!