Beachy, simple, fall mantle :: sea fans, vintage windows, baby pumpkins

i’ve had this vision in my mind for quite some time. sea fans on antique windows…

before moving to this house, i was on a craigslist spree.  lookie here…i picked up these 1950’s windows for $5 each.  i ordered some sea fans, and using a few dabs of hot glue along the center wood strip, i achieved this look.

pretty nifty.

i kept the look simple and clean.

i love the muted colors, which reminds me of winter on the east coast.

some brass, some glass, some aluminum…mix it all up!

the star fish on the brown bottle is a craft i tried last night.  more to come!

an antique oil can brings an industrial look to the mantle

the aluminum gas lantern reminds me of ice fishing stories my Dad always tells me. super cool.

a few pumpkins for a touch of Thanksgiving.  what do you think?

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  1. Kristie says

    I love this look! I have some windows in the garage that would be great for this! Where did you order your sea fans from?