i’m sooo excited for Blissdom 2012!

i’m pretty new to this blogging world.  i’ve been dabbling for the past year or so.

this is my good friend and mentor, Barbara Jones.

she started and has been running a very interesting social media company for the past several years.  we’ve worked together on several projects.  she knows my passion for nerdy tech stuff and has always invited me into her world of social media.  she’s invited me to blissdom since its inception…

admittedly, i’ve been reticent to do so b/c i just don’t have that much time….and i’ve been scared!  what do i have to offer?

but as i’ve been blogging, i’ve slowly been getting sucked in…

my small little blog, which started out as a way for me to keep the in-laws apprised of our family’s happenings, is starting to gain a tiny bit of traction.

i’m thrilled to see what blissdom 2012 in nashville has to offer.

i’m excited to meet women with similar passions, and if you know me, you know that my career path dictates that i’m surrounded by mostly  male colleagues.  i was a tomboy growing up.  i work with software developers and male executives.  this is where i’m comfortable.

so this is a big move on my part…stepping WAY out of my comfort zone to meet chicks.

chicks who blog.


About meesh

Meesh has a passion for people, creative projects, and technology. She enjoys painting furniture back to life, gardening, playing with her kids, and connecting people.


  1. So glad you’re finally making the leap Meesher! You’ll meet some of the most tech-savvy chicks that totally ‘get’ you and you’ll love it. It will blow your mind. xoxo

  2. Jana Sullivan says

    Good for you, stepping out of comfort zones is when the really good stuff happens!

  3. Peggy Kingsley says

    Meesh I can’t wait to hear about your blogging adventures and happy to say that my life path (vs career path) crossed yours. I’m so happy to have you as a friend!