healthy spring side dishes

  i love making introductions…and this one was particularly awesome b/c i got to enjoy the results…yummy and healthy spring salads at an awesome party! my foodie friend Peilin Breller is a food stylist, and she did me solid by catering another friend’s party. when you’ve got mad skills to make food look good in commercials and […]

pretty spring flowers

i stumbled on these gorgeous flowers last week.  they made me so happy that i ended up living up to my Chinese heritage….snapping away like a mad woman.  🙂 this display of white cabbage is so delicious…you almost want to squat down and taste it…almost.   have a great week!  

spring garden party

the party went off without a hitch.  we’re blessed with amazing friends who lend their time and help!  in between setting up, politely bossing my friends around, and trying to be a gracious hostess, i tried to snap a few pix…. the weather cooperated….it rains one day a year in california.  and thankfully, the first […]

look who’s here? spring garden!