so cal garden explosion

we’ve got rogue tomato plants all over the garden.  take exhibit A.  i didn’t plant this one and look how amazing it is! i’m sort of insulted, to be honest, b/c the tomato plants that i staked, trim regularly, and talk to, are basically ignoring me. but these rogue plants which my friend never picked […]

glimpse into the Newport Beach countryside

yes, so there’s a quiet part of Newport Beach that offers horse properties and a rustic, farm, country feel. be still my heart! hello gorgeous! check out this precious chicken coop!  in addition to a worm farm, i want chickens!  and honestly, i don’t think my husband would ever find out… shhhh….don’t tell him where […]

blended iced coffee yumminess + a giveaway!

i had my bible study girls over for breakfast today.  i’d envisioned a nice peaceful meal outside until i heard lil G casually ask “what are those bugs doing out there?” turns out they weren’t bugs…but in fact, a swarm of bees!  run for the hills, batten down the hatches! then we were greeted by […]


a few weeks ago, we’re all having some lunch in the backyard when my 2 year old nephew says “hey!  a mouse!” “oh Buddy.  you’re so funny with your little imagination!” but then i quickly and calmly pulled my feet up b/c the mouse decided he wanted some fried rice, too. and there it sat. […]

velcro kids

Big A is a bit clingy lately.  and by clingy, i mean, like velcro. he won’t let go. has this ever happened to you? so you ‘pretend’ you’re leaving the house. as you pull the car out of the garage, you see your velcro kicking and screaming (incredibly NOT sticking) as the amazingly calm nanny […]

Farm to Feast :: organic fellowship

my discipleship group wound down today…as we prep for a summer filled with camps, swimming, camping, and beach, this incredibly awesome group of 6 women (with 21 kids amongst us!!!), are taking a little hiatus. so we all met at a friend’s in Newport Beach.  Kim is a talented and uber creative-in-the-kitchen woman who hosts […]

boys and their surfboards

this happened yesterday and i started crying…. daddy had a new surfboard shaped by his good friend Cordell Miller….and it was time to put the new fins on… when i saw this on the couch, i just had a warm fuzzy feeling inside. this is what i’ve always dreamt of for my life…..boys growing up […]

flashback :: u penn reunion


a beautiful Japanese maple tree

isn’t this gorgeous?  i was visiting a friend back east and spotted this stunning and massive tree. they used to have two trees, but one drowned by an underground irrigation issue.  tragic. wow.  these leaves are so pretty.  they’re smaller than your typical maple. and look at this moss and the flowers that are resting […]

a cold day on the slopes

li’l G hit ski school today. it was cold. this mommy felt guilty. but mommy was proud that he finally mastered ‘pizza’ and got to ride on the chairlift for the first time! with gusts up to 20 mph, i was shivering just watching! but he’s tough. and he earned his ice cream! here’s a […]

Austria Haus :: Vail, CO

i love the mountains….i have a big spot in my heart for it even though i grew up a beach girl. ever since the first time Uncle Mac invited us to ski in Tahoe, i’ve been hooked. this spring break, i had the chance to bring li’l G to Vail for the first time.  i’ve […]

scenes from a so cal egg hunt

our annual egg hunt isn’t as much of a hunt as it is a gather. the eggs are laid out on the grass in plain view, so the competition is stiff! this was the first year that li’l G actually demonstrated some interest in the egg hunt, particularly because he found 3 golf balls. the […]

scenes from BlissDom :: day 1

holy energy!  i arrived at BlissDom…without my side kick Jessica.  she’s trying to use the “i have an 8 week old baby” excuse.  ok, fine.  🙂 walking solo into a conference of 700 women is a bit intimidating….most who know me wouldn’t guess that i’m an introvert, but the truth is, there’s a reason i […]

the littlest hacker

true love at the Toshiba Classic

my hubby’s a golfer. when lil G was an infant, husband played in the Golf Channel Amateur Tour…and won the state title in his division.     yes, you read that right. we had an infant and his golf game was peaking. but it was made very clear to me when we first started dating […]