mason jar candle lantern prep

my good friend Lucy helped me pick up 4 cases of small Kerr mason jars, and 4 cases of large jars at Smart and Final. she then peeled apart one of the wide-weave burlap coffee sacks i had in the garage and took apart the threads.  we used the longer twines. the leftover shorter twine […]

honey, can you whip up a party for 40?

i love my husband.  i do.  i really do. and he must really love and believe in me…so much so that he’s confident that i can throw together a party for 40 people in under two weeks….well actually, one week, as we’re out of town for nearly a week. oh, and did i mention i’m […]

spring has sprung. hyacinths are popping already!

the first signs on spring are here…trouble is, we haven’t really had winter.  and as i write this, the temperature is dropping to the high 30s here in So Cal.  its finally snowing in the mountains.   these poor bulbs will be 86d by morning!   but look at how gorgeous the back yard is […]

simple spring floral decorations

With the hyacinths in bloom, I figured it was time to do some spring decorating inside. Using baby food jars, I put a single flower in each jar.     …lined them up…   …and called it a day… simple.  sweet.  fresh.  cheap!

quick and easy-to-sew headbands

i have two boys.  but a friend once brought me a headband from a mall kiosk.  she was excited that she only paid $25 for this headband.  after all, we do live in the OC. i was mortified.  i could make it for $.25 so here you have it.  the details of how to make […]

how we deal with ants :: terro

We get solicitors.  A lot of solicitors. I estimate ~15% are bug people. This is how the conversations usually go: “Hi, I’m an exterminator from company XYZ.  Do you currently have a bug or pest problem?” “Well, we’ve got some ants, but nothing too serious.” “Really?  I could spray today if you’d like for $69.99 […]

big blue coral, hurricane vase, and brown rice

i found this huge hurricane vase at the salvation army. it spoke to me.  “buy me!  i’m only $2!” so i did.  but what would i do with it? then i remembered i hadn’t yet unpacked the huge blue sea coral from our move!   i wasn’t really sure what to do at the bottom.  […]

how to make a felt and velcro board for kids’ learning

i made this a few years ago for lil G…we use it all the time and he learned his letters quickly.  now Big A is using it…mainly to eat. it’s a simple DIY. get a canvas.  using a staple gun, staple a large piece of felt around the canvas.  staple the velcro.  i got all […]

natural pine cone Christmas wreath

lil G and i went for a walk a few days ago and collected a bunch of pinecones.  we had a blast.  we found small ones.  big ones.  half eaten ones. the goal was to collect enough to make our very own Christmas wreath. and this is how we fared.   we thought using a […]

Antique chair with redone coffee sack burlap seat

our good friends gave us this antique chair.  what a treat to get a gift like this!  looks like it had been in their family for a long time…and perhaps in the garage for a while, too. the leather seat was torn and not salvageable.  so sad. batting and burlap wrapped around the seat I […]

Eco Wood Treatment now carried in Home Depot!!

The Eco Wood folks saw my last post and were excited that the furniture DIYers are learning about their product!   It’s definitely a huge market segment they perhaps had overlooked! GREAT NEWS!  Eco Wood Treatment is now carried in Home Depot.

Getting a Restoration Hardware grey finish with ease….Eco Wood treatment

The blogging world has been inundated with the color grey. Dark grey. Light grey.  Weathered grey. Annie Sloan chalk paint is wonderful. I’ve used it on pretty much everything inside and outside the house.  It holds up extremely well.  In fact, the outdoor pieces have endured several heavy rain storms and the patina continues to […]

Weathered barn wood looking night stand

our landscaping is complete. the fall veggie garden is planted. the play house is seeing a lot of action from the kids. i’ve been noodling over how best to store sandals by our back door, while avoiding looking like your typical Chinese household…shoes all piled up so that no one can get in the door.  […]

i’ve got my eye on you…. wood nursery container…

  we’re in the final stages of our landscaping.  when the trees were delivered, i wasn’t as excited about the trees as i was about the containers in which they were delivered….   so very excited to upcycle these… stay tuned!

annie sloan tutorial :: Restoration Hardware wood finish on an old coffee table

A few folks have asked how I got the look on the zero to hero coffee table. I didn’t take pix b/c we’re moving this week and I didn’t have much time to crank out a few more pieces before the movers arrive! But here was my process: Old White as a base, brushed on […]