Annie Sloan painted home

given that i’m pretty much done painting every piece of furniture in our house, i figured it was time for a house tour!  these pix aren’t mine, but were taken by someone who specializes in HDR photography.  figured i’d see what results it would produce. basically, the camera is set up on a tripod, and […]

my hoarding issues

do you hoard?  i’m actually pretty good about purging stuff.  i don’t like clutter.  but there are some things that get me.  mason jars.  wood scraps.  and old architectural digest inspiration mags. i ran across some old mags with post-it notes tagging pages.  i thought “good grief.  these will be horrid.”  and i was pleasantly […]

simple, white, beachy mantle

i still get a lot of questions about the sea fan windows i made a few years ago. i found some vintage wood windows on craigslist from a guy who had replaced all his windows. i hot glued some super large sea fans that i purchased online to recreate the ones i’d been seeing in […]

dyeing fabric with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

our shabby chic room is such a happy room.  the colors are pretty, cheerful, and frankly, this is the only feminine room in the entire house. with 3 boys in the house, i specifically designed most things to be durable enough to withstand Hot Wheels, baseballs, and general dude stuff. but this room is all […]

a rustic front entry with vintage buoys and Dinky cars

i was into barn wood furniture 25 years ago.  my dad thought i was nuts. he and i picked up this rustic barn wood baker’s rack at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet in ’93.  isn’t it awesome?  and that antique chair is one that i re-covered with a coffee bag burlap last year. here’s a […]

powder room reveal :: sophisticated beach vibe

i’m in love love love with our new powder room. our awesome designer, Erica Bryen, helped us find this perfect sea fan wallpaper. it’s blue-ish green, has some shimmer shimmer and sea fans. it’s official.  i’m old.  i’ve chosen wallpaper with shimmer? BUT, it’s perfect for our beachy, laid back vibe, yet sophisticated enough to […]

Tutorial :: how I made a picture wall

i’ve been brewing on this idea for some time for the shabby chic guest room.  with guests arriving this week, i figured it was time to wrap up this project. a few months ago, i took the kids to ikea.  it’s always such an adventure.  big A points at the arrows on the ground while […]

shabby chic guest bedroom update

this room is a continual work in progress, but it’s to a state where i can actually share some photos now! the room is finally coming together.  i negotiated this room with hubby when we bought the house as everything other room we designed to be very masculine.  i just always loved the romantic, soft, […]

beachy cottage laundry room reveal!!

very excited to share the new laundry room with y’all!  it was previously just a plain, boring ole laundry room.  no flavor, no pizzaz. so here we go. a fresh, very beachy, killer laundry room! hooks on the left wall.  a rod to hang ironed items.  front loader washer and dryer lifted on the awesome […]

beachy spring mantle

the spring mantle is on display! i just love these old wood windows i picked up for $5 each on craigslist.  i bought the seafans online for about $18 each.  some hot glue.  voila! i’m loving the white on white.  so clean, simple and soothing, imho. Happy Easter everyone! linked to:

spring garden party

the party went off without a hitch.  we’re blessed with amazing friends who lend their time and help!  in between setting up, politely bossing my friends around, and trying to be a gracious hostess, i tried to snap a few pix…. the weather cooperated….it rains one day a year in california.  and thankfully, the first […]

mason jar candle lantern prep

my good friend Lucy helped me pick up 4 cases of small Kerr mason jars, and 4 cases of large jars at Smart and Final. she then peeled apart one of the wide-weave burlap coffee sacks i had in the garage and took apart the threads.  we used the longer twines. the leftover shorter twine […]

Gorgeous, rustic wedding florals

the direction was:  rustic, but not too rustic.  princess. blue hydrangea. i’d say the florist nailed the look.                

honey, can you whip up a party for 40?

i love my husband.  i do.  i really do. and he must really love and believe in me…so much so that he’s confident that i can throw together a party for 40 people in under two weeks….well actually, one week, as we’re out of town for nearly a week. oh, and did i mention i’m […]

simple spring floral decorations

With the hyacinths in bloom, I figured it was time to do some spring decorating inside. Using baby food jars, I put a single flower in each jar.     …lined them up…   …and called it a day… simple.  sweet.  fresh.  cheap!